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"We are two different people, we are not the same!"

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Ashley Hinds or Mr Hinds, is the name used by all the children he has taught across the world, not only in England, but in America and also Africa. With his sense of humour, wit and energetic persona, his journey of hope optimises his motto ‘Work Hard Dream Big’.


We cannot go into finite detail of Ashley’s life, because his life stories are what he will include in his books. We can however, explain that he was a boy who achieved very well up until the tender age of eleven. Due to peer pressure and a lethargic attitude, Ashley discovered that the culture he was living in at the time, perceived that it was not ‘cool’ to be intelligent. Despite all odds, this intellectual young boy left secondary school with little to no GCSE’s.


The turning point occurred when Ashley had a conversation with his father, who explained that the only way he was going to achieve was through finding what he enjoyed and pursuing it. This conversation along with his passion for physical education, spurred him on and resulted in him leaving college with high results and achieving an Undergraduate and Postgraduate degree. 


This gave him the opportunity to teach many children, sharing his story of hope, with a message that they can also work hard to achieve a big dream.


Ashley plunges into more detail when he is given the opportunity to speak to classes, schools, communities and the professional sector. His motivational, embarrassing, and quite frankly, ludicrous stages of his life, has inspired a wide array of people.


My Uncle and Me

A story which is relevant to many, told with the use of simple but powerful artwork that people will be able to relate to. The narrative and artwork combine into a perfect harmony to form a powerful first publication from this young author, who himself has had a truly amazing journey.

Mr Singh,

Art Teacher




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